Jennifer Devine has been a petsitter for over 12 years. It all began
when she was working in an animal hospital while going to graduate
school for Social Work. She became close with the clients and their
dogs and they would ask her to watch them while they were away.
Through word of mouth she has slowly been building her practice and
now it has become a full pet sitting service. Between a business,
working and at the time going to grad school, Jennifer always thought,
"It would be wonderful to have a personal errand runner," and has
included that into her Business.

In addition, Jennifer is a Licensed Social Worker focusing on Medical
and Geriatric Social Work in Homecare. She has combined her two
loves: Geriatrics and pets. She has done this by advocating to keep
Seniors and their pets together through a variety of resources. Pets are
wonderful healers and her hope is that Devine Solutions will be a
resource so Seniors and their Pets can stay together!