1. In Home Boarding
2. In your home care for Cats and Dogs
3. Dog walks/Feedings
4. House sitting
5. Errand Running
6. Pet Taxi
7. Medical Care Program
8. Services provided at Assisted Livings

In home boarding: $40
In your home, walk, feeding, house sitting: $20 per visit
Errand Running, Pet taxi Service fee: $15
Medical Program- Individualized care plan determines price.

Please note prices may be more or less upon individual needs. These
prices are to give the consumer a frame of reference.

Devine Solutions offers an array of services for you and for your
Pet(s). We can provide care for your pet in your home or our homes
while you are on vacation, at work or out for a special event.
Maybe you do not have a pet but you want your house to have that
lived in look. Devine Solutions provides House sitting Services which
includes bringing in the mail, taking out the garbage, watering plants
and turning on and off lights. Devine Solutions knows how busy life
gets day to day or while preparing to go on vacation. We can run
errands such as food shopping, picking up dry cleaning, bringing your
pet to the vet or groomers. Imagine how nice it would be when life gets
busy or you come home from your vacation to a full refrigerator and
errands completed.

Devine Solutions also cares about your health. We can care for your
pet and/or home while you are in the hospital or have a medical rehab
stay. Our staff will bring your pet to visit you while you are in rehab as
per the facility's regulation and can prepare your home for your
return. We can continue to provide services as you are recuperating in
your home.